GD-02K-DIN Universal GSM Communicator and controller

The GD-02K-DIN Universal GSM communicator and controller allows you to remotely control and monitor the status of various appliances. Controlling can be performed using standard SMS or by dialling in.

GD-04K Versatile GSM communicator and controller

The GD-04K versatile GSM communicator and controller allows you to remotely control various appliances and report statuses at the same time. It can be controlled remotely by means of a mobile phone with an SMS message or by ringing.

GD-04A Back-up module

The GD-04A back-up module, which provides GD-04K with the ability to work approx. 12 to 24 hours continually without an external power supply.

LT-089.07 adaptor with EU changeable plug

The power supply can be used where a 12 V power supply is required and there is no backup power supply from the bus.

CP-201T-NW Resistor Temperature sensor

Resistor temperature sensor CP-201T-NW is designed for universal use in detecting temperature of liquid, gaseous, and solid substances.

TM-201 Electronic thermometer

The TM-201 electronic thermometer can be used in all installations where it is necessary to measure and display one to two temperatures.