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For more than 30 years, we have been providing the world with innovative and easy-to-use products. We know full well we are successful because of you, and that’s why we offer our partners elaborate training and qualified technical support.

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Ladislav Šilhán
Sales Director

Innovative products - easy to install

Whether you decide on a bus or wireless installation, you will always have a broad spectrum of detectors to choose from. Moreover, you can easily combine the two technologies be it in a house, company, or a car.


Our flagship - the JABLOTRON 100 alarm system, offers more than 100 products.

83 thousand devices

Devices that are remotely accessed by our partners through the MyCOMPANY app.

7 years

For all products, besides the 2-year warranty, you also get up to 5 years of extended servicing support.

The MyCOMPANY app and its functions

Make your work with clients easier. Thanks to remote access through our app, you can connect to any installed device. You will be able to manage operations remotely through the MyCOMPANY app and you will find everything by Jablotron in one place.

Installation administration

Effectively handle all your installations from wherever you are.

Quote creation

Create and handle professional quotations with just a few clicks.

Quote creation

Create your own template with a logo and contact details, add selected products and make a professional quote in a matter of minutes.

Our app inserts images and descriptions into the quote and once the client approves it, you can send it as an order to your supplier or print out the contract.

Installation administration

You can now react to customers’ requests remotely by using our app. You can easily change the settings of a device or add another user.

You will also see an overview of all your installations in one place. You can filter the information and show only, say, the alarms with a reported error.

Education and training

Expand your qualifications and go through a retraining course held by Jablotron Academy from home. You only have to watch the educational videos in the app and pass the final exam.

Among other things, you can find news in the menu of the MyCOMPANY app.

Material database

Avoid piles of paperwork when looking for the right document. You will find everything in one place in the MyCOMPANY app.

You will find anything from product brochures and advertisement leaflets,to manuals for the latest software.

Advanced settings

Add your employees to the MyCOMPANY app and divide them into teams. Set rights for each of them for individual activities - from quote creation to installation administration.

You can also divide your customers into groups - eg. according to priority - and send them tailor-made offers.

Free notification

You will have an unlimited overview of all installed devices thanks to PUSH notifications, emails or SMSes.

You will know immediately if an alarm was set off in your customer’s premises or if their device needs a maintenance check-up.

3 ways to use MyCOMPANY

The MyCOMPANY app will give you an overview of all your clients and installations. You only need a laptop, smartphone or tablet with internet access.

Mobile app for smartphones
Web app in browsers
Web app for tablets

Download the application from

Apple Store Google Play

Conditions of using the application


Certification training courses

Obtain a certificate which will entitle you to install JABLOTRON devices. After passing the courses for beginners and advanced technicians, you will gain, apart from a certificate and a number of materials, access to the MyCOMPANY app and 3 years of free post-guarantee service.


Qualified consultancy

Every certified installer can use the services of our qualified technical support. We will provide you with application recommendations, documentation, detailed manuals and top service for the entire duration of our products’ guarantee.


JABLOTRON will support you

Your success is also our success. We support our installers through the marketing support programme.

Do you have any question or are you looking for installers?

Contact one of our local business partners, who cooperate with their large network of certified installers.

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