BP12-18 Universal back-up power supply

BP12-18 serves for power powering of device which need 12V DC. The PLV-CP-L box is recommended for back-up batteries with capacities of 7 Ah - 18 Ah (a capacity of up to 26 Ah can be used with an external box).

DE06-12 Power supply 12 V/0.5 A

This switch-mode power supply is designed for powering a wireless keypad, and also for powering other 12V DC devices like GSM communicators or UC receivers made by Jablotron.

LT-089.06 Power adaptor

Power adaptor - 100-240 V / 12 V / 1 A adaptor with EU plug

BAT-100A.01 Battery pack

3.6 V 14 Ah Primary Lithium Battery 1xD

BAT-1V2-NIMH.1 Rechargable battery

1.2V NiMh AA BK-3MCCE 1900mAh Rechargable battery

BAT-1V5-AA Alkaline battery

Alkaline battery type LR6 (AA) 1.5 V

BAT-1V5-AAA Alkaline battery

Alkaline battery type LR03 (AAA) 1.5 V

BAT-3V0-CR123A Lithium battery

Lithium battery type CR123A (3.0 V / 1.4 Ah) for JA-84P and JA-80F/81F

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