CA-2103 GSM/GPS car alarm

GSM/GPS car alarm with support for installation in vehicles with a CAN bus. Besides protection of car entries such as the doors, boot and hood you can extend the installation with up to 24 wireless detectors of the JABLOTRON 100+ series.


Used for diagnostics/setting CA-340 Nestor car alarms. Carlink SW makes installation/settings easy, also adding remotes/detectors and checking alarm input statuses and events. The CA-340PRG connects to a PC via a USB port and wirelessly to the alarm.

SA-105 Piezoelectric siren

A powerful piezoelectric siren for use inside a car to create an uncomfortable sound barrier and can also be placed in the sub-hood area. During installation, avoid placing the siren in a place where it could be in contact with water spray.

AS-1 acoustic indicator

The AS-1 acoustic indicator is used for signalling the reverse motion of a car. It is connected to the drive backwards light of a car.

CA-550 Tilt detector

The CA-550 tilt detector detects movement of the car in two axes (x and y). No mechanical parts are used in the detector. Detection is achieved through electronic acceleration metering.

GT-933.01 Shock sensor

Can be connected to an Athos alarm sytem for 24 hour operation and transmits information about a car accident, either by phone or to an ARC.

JA-150P Trådløs PIR detektor

JA-150P er en PIR bevegelses detektor laget for innvendig beskyttelse. Den detekterer bevegelse av en masse med mennesketemperatur. Detektorens karakteristikk kan endres ved bruk av forskjellige linser: JS-7904 KORRIDOR, JS 7906 DYR, JS-7901 GARDIN.

JA-151P-WG Trådløs PIR-bevegelsesdetektor

Det er laget for å oppdage at en menneskekropp beveger seg inne i bygninger.