AN-13GPS Magnetic GPS antenna

Magnetic GPS antenna, FME connector. Can be used with CA-1803BT, CU-08.

AS-1 acoustic indicator

The AS-1 acoustic indicator is used for signalling the reverse motion of a car. It is connected to the drive backwards light of a car.

BAT-6 Alkaline battery

Alkaline battery, 6 V, type L1016

BB-02 Backup battery

The BB-02 is a back-up battery equipped with its own electronics for taking control of the power supply. It is intended for use with the CA- 1803 and CA-1802 car alarms.

BL-MCB - Bootloader programmer

The BL-MCB is a USB programmer for updating software in CAN BUS modules or reading the current software version in a CAN BUS module.


The CA-1802 "ATHOS" GSM car alarm provides car protection, immobilization and alarm reporting via GSM. Controllable via a Jablotron key-fob controller supplied in the package or via an original remote control.

CA-340 Car alarm

Car alarm with acoustic and optical signalization and immobilization. The car alarm supports communication with wireless peripherals such a siren or detectors.

CA-340-24V Nestor

Classic car alarm for vehicles with on-board 24V, acoustic and optical alarm and immobilizer . It supports wireless communication with devices such as detectors or siren.