JA-102KY JABLOTRON Mercury Alarm system control panel

Installation should be done by a trained technician with a valid certificate issued by an authorized Jablotron distributor.

The required settings and system parameters are programmed via MyCOMPANY. The setup is intuitive and very simple even for novice installers.

JABLOTRON Mercury Alarm system control panel

JA-102KY JABLOTRON Mercury Alarm system control panel

The JA-102K control panel offers:

  • up to 31 wireless or bus peripherals
  • up to 32 users
  • up to 4 sections
  • up to 2 programmable PG outputs

The control panel has:

  • 1 terminal block for bus connection
  • 1 connector for built-in radio module (JA-111R)
  • 1 connector for GSM/GPRS communicator (JA-194Y-LITE)

Technical specifications

Instalation type Fixed instalation
Control panel power supply / frequency / fuse ~ 110-230 V/50-60 Hz, max. 0.28 A with F1.6 A/250 V fuse, protection class II
Power / current max 23 VA / 0.1 A
Protection class II.
Back-up battery 12 V; 2.6 Ah max (lead gel)
Low backup battery voltage (fault indication) ≤11 V
Maximum battery recharge time (80% capacity) 72 h
Bus supply voltage / max ripple (red - black) 12.0 ÷ 13.8 VDC / ±100 mV
Max. continuous consumption from control panel 1000 mA
- with 12 h backup (2.6 Ah battery) Without GSM communicator | LAN - off: 115 mA | LAN - on: 88 mA
With GSM communicator | LAN - off: 80 mA | LAN - on: 53 mA
Max. number of sections 4
Max. number of peripherals 31 peripherals + 31 drivers
Max. number of users 32
Max. number of PG outputs 2
Alarm connections
  • Jablotron bus - dedicated cable connection
  • Wireless connection (with JA-111R) - non-specific wireless connection, wireless
  • Jablotron protocol
Alarm device classification Security level 2 / environment class II
- In accordance with EN50131-1, EN 50131-3, EN 50131-6, EN 50131-5-3 (using the radio module), EN 50131-10, EN 50136-1, EN 50136-2
- Environment Indoor general
- Operating temperature/humidity range -10 °C to +40 °C/75% non-condensing
- Power supply Type A - primary power supply with rechargeable backup battery
- Event memory capacity of approx. 7 million recent events including source, date and time
- system response to loss of communication with periphery Fault or Sabotage - depending on settings and profile
  • bus up to 10 s
  • wireless communication up to 2 h (since last communication)
  • wireless communication within 20 min prevents securing the section
- System reaction to incorrectly entered codes after 10 incorrectly entered codes a sabotage alarm is declared and, depending on the selected profile, all control devices are blocked for 10 minutes.
- ATS classification Supported ATS classes: SP2 - SP5, DP2 - DP4
SPT: Type Z
Type of operation: Pass-through
LAN on board: SP2 - SP5 (with IP protocol)
- ATS alarm transmission protocols JABLO IP, SIA IP, Contact ID,
- ATC security against substitution and information protection Jablotron protocols: proprietary AES encryption with minimum 128-bit ANSI SIA key
DC-09.2012 protocol with 128-bit AES encryption
LAN communicator Ethernet interface CAT 5 (RJ-45)
Dimensions 268 x 225 x 83 mm
Weight with/ without ACU 1809 g/919 g
Basic parameters of the JA-111R module 868.1 MHz, <25 mW, GFSK <80 kHz
Radio emission ETSI EN 300 220-2 (JA-111R module)
EMC EN 50130-4, EN 55032, ETSI EN 301 489-1, ETSI EN 301 489-3
Electrical safety EN IEC 62368-1
Conditions of operation of the CTU radio module ERC REC 70-03
Certification body TREZOR TEST (No. 3025)

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