Baby Respiration Monitor

BM-03 Baby breathing monitor

A unique product from the Czech manufacturer of traditional Nanny breathing monitors, the new BM-03 offers a unique function - detecting when the baby has been placed or removed from the mat. It’s the only product on the market that can warn you that you might have placed the baby on the mat, but forgotten to turn on the monitor.

BM-03D Sensor pad – Spare part for BM-03

An extra pad will make your work easier if the baby sleeps in multiple places or if you want to increase the detection area in one cot. It will also come in handy if the original pad has worn out or its 2-year lifespan has come to an end.

BM-02 Baby breathing monitor

BM-02 NANNY is a baby breath monitor that keeps an eye on the baby when its parents sleep. NANNY continuously checks the baby´s breathing and movements to give an early warning during possible danger.

BM-02D Sensor pad – Spare part for BM-02

If you want to use the Nanny in multiple beds, use extra sensor pads (item number BM-02D). Install them in each bed and only change the location of the control unit.

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