PS-001 Parking sensor

The kit contains 4 ultrasonic sensors to be installed in the rear plastic bumper. The main unit and the speaker are designed for installation into the interior of a car .

PS-062A II Parking sensor

The PS-062A II parking sensor helps parking by informing the driver of obstacles behind or in front of the vehicle.

JA-182J Wireless remote control

The JA-182J remote control is designed to remotely arm/disarm the system, activate panic alarms and control equipment . The key fob has a built-in convenient "child lock".

PS-SEN.S28 Replacement sensor for parking sets PS-006, PS-062, PS-084 and PS-086

Replacement sensor for parking sets PS-006, PS-062, PS-084 and PS-086. Drilling diameter 19 mm.

BAT-6 Alkaline battery

Alkaline battery

CM-5.1-6 Thin central locking motor - 5 wire (directional)

CM-5.1-6 – 5 wire (directional) actuator with 6 kg actuator arm. An assortment of mechanical components for easy installation of the actuators to the doors is also provided.

DK-KON Contact

Contact for powering up acentral locking actuator in sliding doors.

JA-185J Remote control for car

This module is designed for car installation and to control devices (for example garage doors, parking entrance gates). It is powered by 12 V or 24 V from the car.