Mounting accessories

VOD-JA-107K 12V DC Power cable for the JA-107K control panel

A cable with a fuse holder, 6.3 A fuse and connector for connecting the JA-107K control panel to an external 12V DC source, e.g. a solar panel system.

JA-190T RFID card and key tag reader for PC (connected by USB)

RFID card and tag readers designed to easily enroll the JA-190J and JA-191J into the JA-100 system by using F-link SW.

JA-110T Bus short-circuit isolator module

The JA-110T bus isolator is designed to electrically seperate and protect vulnerable parts of the bus . It is powered by the bus. It can be installed in a JA-190PL box.

JA-120Z Bus back-up booster unit for JA-100

Designed for current boosting of the bus, extension of the line length and galvanic isolation of the bus. Output current max. 2A. 2 independent bus output terminal boards - each providing 500 m of bus length.