Not just a smart home. You can even have a smart business!

An alarm that, when unset, simultaneously turns on the lights and pulls up the blinds, has detectors that protect you from the elements and puts images from cameras directly into the mobile application. Many households have become accustomed to comfort and security thanks to various clever innovations of Jablotron. But what can be arranged in your company? Before theorizing about it, accept an invitation to the building of one unnamed customer.

Cinema and coffee

Not far from reception there is a large meeting room, where meetings, training sessions and other meetings take place. For years, the format of most of them has been the same: something is said, something is projected, and then there is a coffee break. We said to ourselves, it could be automated. So have added two functions to the JABLOTRON 100+ control panel in the meeting room. The "cinema" automatically closes the blinds, opens the screen and dims the lights. The "Coffee break" button then sets the room to an atmosphere of a quiet break and illuminates the entire room.

Watch out, On-air

It is quite common for company meetings to have their own shared calendars and their reservations are made this way. However, our client's smart meeting rooms also have a feedback system. As soon as the meeting starts and you press the "Busy" button, a red light will light up above the door. The reception thus knows that the room is currently in use and can additionally book other meeting rooms according to current needs. Thanks to the red or green light above the doors of the various meeting rooms, the employees also have an overview of their occupancy.

Smart thermoregulation

Heating and air conditioning are naturally connected to the JABLOTRON 100+ system. So you can be sure that you are heating and cooling only when it really makes sense. The system saves the client a lot of energy and helps reduce the ecological footprint of his workplace.

Divided building

The client's building has several floors and each of them has a slightly different function. They also work there on secret technologies and do not like at all for anyone to go there as they wish, and to be able to open all the doors as they please. That's why we've divided the building into several sections and we check on who has access to it. As in spy movies, where only those with the necessary authorization can enter laboratories with hi-tech weapons. When individual sections are empty, our detectors protect them. However, this does not affect the operation of the company on other floors.

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