Security for your company

The JABLOTRON 100+ alarm system

Whether your most valuable assets are machines or computer data, it is necessary to secure them. Thanks to the JABLOTRON 100+ alarm system, you won’t have to worry about unauthorised access. Furthermore, you will be able to control lights or access gates remotely through the MyJABLOTRON app.

I want to secure my company

4 steps to security

The first step is a high quality alarm. We’ve been producing and developing exceptional alarms for 25 years now. That is one of the reasons why they’re so easy to control and have multiple innovative functions.

Continue with professional installation. This is done exclusively by our partners who are regularly trained and certified. Because of this, everything works as it should be.

The recommended last step is to connect your alarm system to an Alarm Receiving Centre. Operators will be able to contact you if anything happens and will send a security squad to your secured location.

200 thousand

Satisfied MyJABLOTRON app users. And their numbers are growing.

600 users

The number of users able to control our alarm system by a chip or a code.

7 years

For all products, besides the 2-year warranty, you also get up to 5 years of extended servicing support.

Red and green colours for easy use

Each part of the premises is secured by individual security zones. Each of them is represented on the keypad by a segment with two buttons. These are used for the easy control of the alarm and other functions, such as lowering the blinds.

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Green and red buttons

Our segments are like traffic lights. The green colour means the alarm is unset and you can enter.

The red colour indicates that the premises is set and any entry will set off the alarm. This enables you to see straight away if your premises is protected at that given moment.

Chip authorisation

Alarm control is completely intuitive, however, only authorised personnel who identify themselves by a chip or a code are allowed to use the system.

Everything is recorded and saved to the event history, so you have a perfect overview of who controlled the alarm and when.

Tailor-made alarms

The JABLOTRON 100+ alarm is the right choice for tradesmen, and small and medium-sized enterprises thanks to its variable segments.

If you already own a JABLOTRON 100+ alarm and you wish to extend its functions, you can install new detectors and up to 20 new segments to your keypad.

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Run your company wherever you are

You don’t have to be in the office in order to control the alarm or turn off the lights. All functions of the JABLOTRON 100+ can be controlled remotely thanks to the MyJABLOTRON mobile and web apps.

Our app is able to

  • Show you an overview of all Jablotron devices
  • Control your alarm as if you were using its physical keypad
  • Keep a full history of events
  • Remotely view images taken from within your secured rooms
  • Keep track of temperatures and energy consumption

Comfortable work environments with the JABLOTRON 100+

The alarm will guarantee protection against unauthorised access into a building and will help you better deal with day-to-day operations. For example, you will be able to open the access gate in the car park just by flashing your headlights, or remotely control the lights in individual rooms.

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Turning off the lights

If there is no one present in a room for a long period of time, the lights will automatically turn off. Additionally, you can set them to turn off automatically after setting the alarm.

You can also turn off the lights remotely through the MyJABLOTRON app.

Raising access gates

No more searching for your access gate chip. You only need to flash your car headlights and enter the car park.

You can also raise the access gate by using a JABLOTRON keychain, which also controls the alarm.

Window blind control

You can lower the blinds anywhere in the building once the sun starts to shine there.

The device is easy to control, as you only push the desired segment on the keyboard, which is located in a common area of the company. This enables all of your colleagues to control the blinds as well.

Automating garage lights according to time 

Save electricity by setting a time when the lights turn off automatically. Now the garage light  won’t be on the whole night if someone forgets to switch it off.

The lights can also be set to turn off automatically once the garage doors are closed.

4 ways to control your JABLOTRON 100+

Control of the company alarm, and its useful functions, is always at hand.

Keypad with segments
Mobile app for smartphones
Web app for browsers

Download the application from

Apple Store Google Play

Conditions of using the application

The alarm protects your company against water, fire, and gas.

Accidents of any type can immensely complicate company operations.The JABLOTRON 100+ will contact you in situations of imminent danger, and you will be able to react quickly.

Smoke detector

The sensor identifies smoke or higher temperatures in a room and warns you before a fire starts. It sets off an acoustic alarm, notifies you on your mobile, and can inform an ARC.

Flood detector

Detectors sense water leakage and warn you before water creates any damage. It sets off an alarm, notifies you on your mobile, and can inform an ARC.

CO gas detector

The detector recognises gas leakage in time and warns you before your life's in danger. It sets off an alarm, notifies you on your mobile, and can inform an ARC.


Sample installation of the alarm

Have a look at what the installation of the JABLOTRON 100+ alarm system looks like in a house with a garage.

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Technical specification

Find out about the technical possibilities the JABLOTRON 100+ brings to your company.

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Add other devices to your alarm

Are you relocating your company and you are looking for a new alarm system? Do you already have a Jablotron alarm and you just want to expand its functions? Our installation partners will design a tailor-made solution for you by combining wired and wireless technology.

Technical specification


Bus or wireless peripherals Up to 120
Users Up to 300 different codes / 600 cards
Sections Up to 15
Programmable outputs Up to 32
Calendars 20 independent calendars
Communication LAN/GSM/GPRS/3G/PSTN
Reports from MyJABLOTRON SMS, emails or push notifications to an unlimited number of users
Reports from control panel SMS for up to 25 users
Certification to grade 2 according to EN 50131

The new IP cameras expand your security options

  • Interconnected with the JABLOTRON 100+ alarm.
  • They automatically produce a one-minute recording from every alarm event.
  • Immediate accessibility in the MyJablotron application.

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Vehicle monitoring

Have absolute control over your company cars. Thanks to the MyJABLOTRON app, you can easily follow the current location of your vehicles on a map, or view a logbook of individual cars and their drivers.

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