OS-365A Outdoor siren

The OS-365A is a hard-wired outdoor backed-up siren combining a loud acoustic sirenn with a flashing light. The high-powered flashing light helps to locate the active siren.

Outdoor siren

OS-365A Outdoor siren

The OS-365A is equipped with a magneto-dynamic horn siren mainly suitable for family houses or for buildings with more space around them. Two tamper switches are built into the unit. They react to removing the cover from the unit or removing the siren from the wall. The siren’s housing is made of mechanical-, weather- and UV-resistant plastic. The circuit board is protected against air humidity by a double layer of varnish.

Especificações técnicas

Power supply 10 to 17 V DC
Current Consumption < 50 mA / 12 V
Backup battery NiCd pack 4.8 V / 1800 mAh
Lifetime approx. 3 years
Electro-acoustic siren sound level 110 dB /1 m
Siren timer 5 minutes
Flasher timer 30 minutes
Resistance of the tamper loop in stand-by < 70 Ω
Security grade 2 (without internal cover) EN 50131
Environmental class IV -25 to +60°C
Dimensions 230 x 158 x 75 mm

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