GD-04A Back-up module

The GD-04A back-up module, which provides David with the ability to work approx. 12 to 24 hours continually without an external power supply.

Back-up module

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GD-02T Temperature sensor for GD-02-DIN

The GD-02T temperature sensor is an accessory of the GD-02-DIN universal GSM communicator and controller. It is necessary for using the temperature measurement function, and monitoring temperature limit values.

SD-TESTER Test Spray Smoke Sabre

Smoke Sabre Test Spray is designed to test the functionality of Jablotron’s optical smoke detectors. Contains 150 ml of testing aerosol


The GD-04D DTMF module, which allows you to control David’s output relays by entering numeric codes (DTMF codes) on a telephone keypad during calls

TM-201A Termómetro eletrónico multifuncional

O termómetro eletrónico multifuncional TM-201A permite ser utilizado em qualquer tipo de instalações em que seja necessário medir um ou dois valores de temperatura e com uma ativação do Relé.