PT-P700-X Label printer

Using this printer you can print labels for control segments of access units (keypads) at installation. The printing is possible straight from F-Link software version 1.2.0 or higher from the access module internal settings.

Label printer

PT-P700-X Label printer

The drivers have to be installed for the proper functioning of the printer. The printer can also be used for printing labels using P-Touch Editor Lite software saved inside the printer memory. In this case no drivers are required.

Technical specifications

Dimensions (w x l x h) 78 x 152 x 143 mm
Weight, with no batteries and no tape 710 g
Power mains adapter AD-E001 EU (in accessories)
6 x alkaline batteries AA (LR6) / 1.5 V (not in accessories)
USB Port USB mini B (in accessories)
Tape box for segment label printing 12 mm (w), 8 m (l)
Tape box for different printing other than segments 24 mm (w) / 3 m (l)

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