JA-190Y GSM communicator module

The GSM communicator module is designed for the JA-100K and JA-100KR alarm control panels. It serves as a backup and extension of the LAN communicator, which is part of the control panel. 

GSM communicator module

JA-190Y GSM communicator module

If installed, it enhances data transmission reliability to the JABLOTRON CLOUD and to the ARC.

The communicator makes it possible:

  • to control the system through a voice menu
  • to report events to a mobile phone (SMS and voice messages) directly from the control panel

Technical specifications

Module power supply 12V DC (from the control panel)
Average current consumption approx. 40 mA (depends on GSM signal strength)
Peak current consumption 750 mA
GSM communication band QUAD-BAND, 850/900/1800/1900MHz
Classification Security grade 2/Environmental class II (Note: this applies only in combination with a security-grade-2-certified control panel. For more info about ARC settings, see the Control panel installation manual)
- Conforms to EN 50131-1 +A1 ¬+A2, EN 50131-3, EN 50131-10, EN 50136-1, EN 50136-2, ANSI SIA DC-09, T 031
- Operational environment indoor general
- Operational temperature -10 °C to 40 °C
- Average operational humidity 75% RH
- SPT communicator type SPT type Z (control panel expansion module)
- AS/SPT interface Pass-through
- Supported ATS class/communication protocol:
ATS class 1)ATS interfaceTransmission protocol
DP4 2) LAN (IP)
1. The ATS classes listed in the ATS interface configuration with a transmission protocol are the maximum of what is possible to declare when creating an alarm communication path. The operational classification has to be determined by the establisher after the ARC’s agreement. The alarm communication path is created according to CLC/TS 50136-7 application guidelines.
2. DP4 is supported only in configuration with the LAN communicator.
LAN communication provided via WIFI or GSM is considered as radio communication therefore it is not possible to use a GSM communicator and a WIFI WAN network when a DPx path is created.
Explanatory notes:
SPx: One communication path to an ARC (Single path) = 1 transmission medium
DPX: Dual communication path to an ARC (Dual path) = 2 different transmission media, for example Radio communication (GSM) and Metallic or Optical cables (PSTN, LAN).
- Compatible with RCT (ARC receiver) according to communication protocols
- Certification body Trezor Test
Also complies with EN 60950-1, ETSI EN 301 489-1, ETSI EN 301 489-7, EN 55022, EN 50130-4, ETSI EN 301 419-1 and EN 301 511
Called ID (CLIP) ETSI EN 300 089
Can be operated according to CEPT/ECC/DEC/(04)06

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