Why doesn't an alarm from a supermarket or DIY store pay off?

Do you also like to go to DIY stores or supermarkets and look for things to improve your home? For example, an alarm that you can install yourself and is not expensive. Sure, it's a solution, but perhaps not by far the most reliable, and in time you will find not even the cheapest.

Not all that glitters is gold

Cheap self-assembly alarms look tempting. You may be thinking, "I can swap out the device three times for that price, and it will still be cheaper than a professional alarm." But when the product fails and you are away from home, you will probably not even find out. And after a second experience like that, you will immediately reject another purchase.

In addition, every household or business is unique. So the universal design of the alarm, regardless of individual needs, will always be a compromise.


A simple electronic device can be installed by anyone? A wireless doorbell for sure. It isn‘t so easy with an alarm system. With incorrectly translated instructions, which is no exception, you may be able to install the alarm, but for example, false alarms or other problems can occur due to incorrectly positioned detectors, which will cause you worries rather than prevent them. You will then probably stop using the system and the initial investment, although low, will be lost forever without any benefit.

The war against thieves is ruthless and relentless. The last straw could be difficult negotiations with an insurance company, which will probably be affected by weak security.

So isn't it worth investing a little more in the beginning and having peace of mind and an overview of what's going on at home, even if you're not there?

An easy solution for your peace and comfort

We recommend 4 steps to your security:

  • a quality alarm,
  • professional installation,
  • non-stop monitoring
  • immediate action in case of an alarm.

The JABLOTRON 100+ security system adapts completely to you. A trained and certified installation partner will design a solution tailored exactly to your needs and budget.

Thanks to the combination of wired and wireless elements, it is possible to perform the installation in a short time and without major interventions to the interior of your house, apartment or company.

As a bonus, the system also allows you to set up automatic actions, control the heating and other devices or control selected areas thanks to the connection of cameras. All this from anywhere via the MyJABLOTRON application.

In the event of any problems (malfunctioning detectors, low batteries, adjustment of settings, etc.), the system will alert you to the fault and the service technician can immediately rectify the problem. He can handle a number of tasks from a distance, so you will hardly know about this care.

Something more

Quality is a priority for us and we guarantee our work. That's why with the JABLOTRON alarm you also get extended 5-year post-warranty service support and free product servicing in case of any necessary repairs.

The bottom line: with a DIY alarm you won't get these benefits.

Find out more non-binding information about a possible installation just for your house, apartment or company.

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