Stay smart with MyKNOWLEDGE in MyCOMPANY

JABLOTRON helps busy installers with its intuitive and unique MyCOMPANY web and smartphone app. Essential info and management tools all in one place, leaving the installer to do the core job of installing great systems for satisfied customers. Join us here on a tour of the app’s main features and details of its new post-training support in the MyKNOWLEDGE module.

The new module everyone is talking about

The new MyKNOWLEDGE module is a great new feature to support installers’ know-how, post-training.

It is based on the world-famous learning management system Moodle, and lists refresher e-courses with text and video content, use cases, new products, and additional data to enhance the knowledge of trained and certified installers. You can also track which videos and other content have been viewed to have an overview of your progress.

Over time, more and more content will be added, so you should keep checking it to maintain your level of vital knowledge needed to keep ahead in the installation business. Your success is our success.

A closer look at the rest of MyCOMPANY

MyCOMPANY is an unmatched modern app in web and smartphone versions to support installers, whether in the office doing administration tasks or on the move interacting with end users and performing profitable installations.

Main benefits:

  • Store of manuals, software, marketing materials, etc.
  • Overview of installed systems and customers
  • Quick registration of control panels
  • Saves trips to customer sites
  • Quick professional quotations

The app lists a selection of its modules for various tasks.

MySTORAGE is a handy deposit of the latest technical manuals, configuration software such as F-Link, technical support info, case studies, and ready-made marketing materials. All this can be instantly downloaded.

The Installations Management module lists all the systems the installer has registered. Customer details, what devices are present, control panel registration numbers, camera registrations, events, statuses and error messages such as batteries, GSM connection etc. are clearly shown. This saves many trips to customer sites, leaving more valuable time to install systems. Detailed system settings themselves are done using F-Link, remotely or locally.

The Device Registration module enables the simple quick registration of control panels to the JABLOTRON Cloud. Another module called Online Quotation, gives the installer a tool to create professional-looking precise and itemized written offers for end users with consistent pricing, in paper or PDF form. The system even reminds the installer to include necessary extras like batteries etc. and lets you track the quotation process.