An alarm protects you against burglary, fire and flooding

Environmental protection or in other words protection against the elements. Are you wondering what this term means? It simply means that our smart alarm can also protect your home or business from fire, water or hazardous gases. Whether you're in the building or not, it keeps watch at all times, so you'll immediately know if there's a problem.

No matter where you live or work, you may encounter a natural hazard (fire, flood, a hazardous gas build-up or leak). However, potential health risks and damage to property can be prevented very effectively and quite simply. By buying a JABLOTRON alarm that has environmental detectors. It can immediately alert you to emerging dangers, even remotely via an app.

Fire, gas, flood

These familiar risks can cause significant damage to both health and property. Why risk it instead of getting a good night’s sleep? Quite literally. The JABLOTRON 100+ system watches over you even when you are asleep or away from home and you cannot react to a problem immediately.

Fire detectors

  • It quickly detects smoke, be it from a fire that has started or an unusual change in temperature
  • in the combined version, they can also be used for specific operations/rooms - where, for example, they only monitor and report the temperature, so that increased dustiness does not affect the detector,
  • they can even function as an indoor siren, to reliably alert you to a problem in another part of the building.

Temperature detectors and thermostats

  • Thermostats can also be used to monitor stable environments or temperature limits, e.g. in a cottage (when the temperature drops below a set limit, the heating is switched on to prevent the water from freezing, etc.), in a food processing environment (controlling fridges/freezers prevents raw materials from going off), in IT (monitoring servers’ operating temperatures, preventing overheating), etc.

Flood detectors

  • Burst hoses from a washing machine or dishwasher and leaking water can cause a lot of trouble and damage everything in the vicinity, even in the places under the flooded area. Flood detectors immediately detect when water is present where it shouldn't be and report the problem. What’s more, the JABLOTRON 100+ can immediately shut off the water supply using programmable outputs and a special valve to limit the damage.
  • The detectors can also reliably monitor water/liquid levels to make sure they don’t reach unacceptable levels or, on the contrary, overflow. Thanks to MyJABLOTRON app, you can monitor and regulate cooling or overflow tanks, irrigation systems and similar devices with instant info on their current status from anywhere. You can also remotely control the water supply or other related parts of your systems.

Hazardous gas detectors

The risk of increased CO (carbon monoxide) concentrations is related to imperfect combustion and, thus, often also to the heating season. In small or poorly ventilated rooms, the concentration can increase quite easily and rapidly. The biggest danger is that, unlike smoke, carbon monoxide cannot be smelt or seen, so there is nothing to alert you to its harmful build-up.

  • CO detectors can also operate autonomously, independently of the alarm system. However, this is only useful when you yourself are present in the monitored room.
  • If you want to take advantage of remote monitoring for a build-up of carbon monoxide concentrations, you can use the connection to the JABLOTRON 100+ alarm system and its MyJABLOTRON app, which lets you know the situation via SMS messages or other notifications.
  • The alarm also allows for many more advanced solutions - for example, when a certain CO concentration limit is exceeded, the system will turn on the ventilation, thus avoiding a build-up to hazardous values.

The detector of flammable gases (natural gas, methane, propane, butane) has both visual and acoustic warnings of any problems. Using the alarm system it gives you a pre-warning of any danger and can also, for example, turn on the ventilation.

Complete protection with a backup plan

To make sure that help will come even when you are out of reach, we recommend connecting the alarm system to an Alarm Receiving Centre. Whether you're on holiday, at work, or anywhere without a signal, there could be a delay in receiving the alarm. If an emergency occurs when you’re away, (fire, flood, gas leakage/build-up in concentration, etc.) our operators, who assess alarm messages 24 hours a day, will immediately send a response unit to the site.

Are you thinking about buying a security system with all its extra options? Do you want to expand an existing installation? Then contact a certified JABLOTRON installation partner and together you can work out a solution tailored to your needs.

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