8 tips for robbing a house from professional thieves

No one knows better what deters burglars from entering your house than burglars themselves. Moreover, some of our ideas about what burglars are one hundred percent afraid of, have absolutely nothing to do with reality. An exclusive survey commissioned by Jablotron from Perfect Crowd Research reveals interesting facts that are valuable, in that they come from the perpetrators themselves.

1. Robberies take place mainly at night.

We are all somehow convinced of this fact, we are led by common sense and a lack of criminal practice. In reality, however, it depends on what type of real estate it is. As many as three-quarters of the thieves interviewed clearly stated that they would try to break into a block of flats during the day. A completely different situation occurs when the goal is a family house. These professionals would rather visit there at night. This is because in the house where its owners sleep, the alarm will certainly be turned off (at least that's what the interviewed thieves think).

2. They will rob us the most when we are on vacation.

The survey shows that the saying "opportunity makes thieves" is quite true: 75% of offenders report encountering reckless and extremely careless victims. They just notice a half-open window - and a crime is born. Other mistakes mentioned are open ventilation or car keys thrown on the table, or apartment keys that the owner of the house left lying in the car. They often get into a house because of the unlocked back entrance. You may smile, but more than once the owners left the key under the doormat or in a pot.

3. The house is locked and the thief will surely be noticed by someone after a while.

This would be possible if the intrusion into the building took a while for today's offenders. However, the interviewed thieves claim that they can get through commonly used locks, normal doors and a building without electronic security within two minutes. Yes, you read it well.

4. We have closed blinds and our neighbours are guarding our house / apartment.

Here you are completely mistaken. The presence of people in the next family house is not considered by thieves as an obstacle. Neither are the blinds. On the contrary, the presence of a watchdog - whether in the garden or in the apartment - already bothers a certain percentage of offenders and discourages them from entering. However, even in their opinion, a dog is not a 100% guarantee of protection against burglary. The outrageous perpetrators claim that it is the size of the dog and also that it usually befriends the thief. Maybe the thief will even bring him goodies and stroke him.

5. Thieves choose targets according to visible signs.

Have you tried to be in a thief’s shoes? The truth is that thieves consider a tip from their acquaintances to be the surest tip for a robbery. In second place, they list a full mailbox. What about the car in front of the house? This is a crucial indicator for only 4% of offenders surveyed. An interesting source of tips is also Facebook, where property owners often openly talk about when they will go on holiday and how long they will stay away.

6. Especially when thieves can't see inside.

Many property owners believe in this false security. If the thief doesn't see if there's anything valuable inside, he won't risk intrusion. The truth is completely different again. Most of the thieves interviewed are not deterred from breaking in by the fact that they do not see their potential loot.

7. We have an alarm, nothing to worry about.

Here it is necessary to explain that there are alarms that owners do not have connected to an Alarm Receiving Centre. It can often be non-professional devices that cannot even be connected to them. Many thieves are not afraid of such things. Only a third of the interviewed thieves would end the burglary after detecting the presence of an alarm in the apartment. However, when the alarm is connected to an Alarm Receiving Centre, most thieves claim that they would clear off immediately.

8. Lesson: So what does the testimony of thieves mean?

Get an alarm connected to an Alarm Receiving Centre, don't be reckless and don't give it to thieves on a plate. And don't believe the myths. Thieves are often one step ahead of our common sense. Want to know more about the JABLOTRON 100+ system?

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