Discovering another side of your security system – smart heating

As the summer holiday season comes to an end and your thoughts turn towards preparing for the coming colder months, perhaps now is the time to review your heating arrangements. Does your heating system serve your needs? Is there any new technology to make interacting with your heating system more convenient? Read on to be pleasantly surprised by what JABLOTRON has to offer.

“JABLOTRON makes alarm systems”, we hear you say. You’re right of course, but did you know that our security systems also offer Smart Home products which include heating control and monitoring?

Slick heating access

Imagine being able to control and check your heating system from the same cool MyJABLOTRON app as used for your alarm, from absolutely anywhere, and anytime too.

Set the desired temperature with a few screen taps, reprogram weekly temperature profiles, and even visualize historical temperature graphs to ensure your heating is really working optimally for you in the long term.

No more returning home if you forgot to set the heating lower before going on a weekend away.

Taking care of your home

The smart system works tirelessly looking after what’s important to you at home. Adding video cameras with video-verification means being able to check what’s really happening at home when away during an intrusion alert, with a minute’s video clip being generated for each event to verify a real break-in, so that you can confidently alert the appropriate services for quick action. Moreover, detectors of flooding and fire can constantly be on the lookout for these hazards, alerting you via the app immediately on detection for similar action.

Have a look for yourself

Ask your local JABLOTRON Alarms installer to give you a demonstration of our smart heating control and monitoring options and show you devices like valves and thermostats, and you will soon see that you’ll gain not only added convenience, but also save money on heating as it’s so easy and quick to optimize operation.

Smart Heating advantages

  • Simple to add onto your alarm system
  • Instant control and monitoring from anywhere, anytime
  • Uses the popular and familiar MyJABLOTRON app. No more apps needed.
  • Avoids large data storage in your mobile
  • Visualization of long-term temperature history
  • Easy temperature programming
  • Optional hazard alerts
  • Highly secure data connection
  • Save money through operational optimization

Contact your local installer to save money with smart heating