Professional installation vs. "DIY": Internet connection

After choosing home security devices, one more decision awaits you. To get professional installation, or do everything with your own hands? In the article, you will learn why you should prefer to leave everything to professionals. Let's start a little "from the end" - an internet connection.

There are many advantages to professional installation. From the prevention of false alarms through the minimization of risks to encrypted communication. Now we will focus mainly on how big an advantage is the fact that the JABLOTRON 100+ security system does not depend on your home Wi-Fi.

Fragile Wi-Fi

Just imagine. You will get a solution that does not work without home Wi-Fi. Every small power failure will jeopardize the functionality of the entire system. When Wi-Fidoesn't work, your house and property remain vulnerable. Repairs can often take several hours.

On the contrary, a solution that is independent of your home Wi-Fiis way more reliable. The control panel of the system is hidden in the bowels of the house and the good old cable will not just fall out or an unknown user will connect to it. In addition, the system has a built-in GSM / GPRS communicator as a backup for communication, in which there is a special SIM card. Thanks to this, the control panel can communicate with the end user or the Alarm Receiving Centre, by calling, SMS messages, e-mails or push notifications. It is a backup solution in which you are not dependent on your Wi-Fi.

A professional is a certainty

When it comes to the security of you and your loved ones, it is definitely worth not taking a risk, therefore you should call in an expert to install such a security system as the JABLOTRON 100+. He is a certified professional who has extensive experience with the installation of security systems. Such an installer is a guarantee that a quality system will really protect you. "Professional installation by a professional will guarantee you its quality and reliable operation. Thanks to his rich experience, the installer always comes up with an individual solution proposal. He properly deploys and combines detectors to cover the required area. In addition, he will always be available to you, advises Jablotron's product manager. This has another advantage for you. During the installation, an expert will acquaint you with the operation and warn you of all possible situations. Don't take unnecessary risks but rely on professionals. It pays off for greater peace of mind.

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