CA-2103 GSM/GPS car alarm

GSM/GPS car alarm with support for installation in vehicles with a CAN bus. Besides protection of car entries such as the doors, boot and hood you can extend the installation with up to 24 wireless detectors of the JA-100 and JA-18x series.

GSM/GPS car alarm

CA-2103 GSM/GPS car alarm

The car alarm offers partial and full arming and can be controlled by Jablotron remote controls, the original remote controls of the car or both systems. The car alarm offers a Geofence function - information about leaving a defined zone and a departure report (both using SMS). For this product MyJABLOTRON offers the drivers' logbook function with the possibility of identification of up to 99 drivers and a service for displaying the system status and the possibility of its control. The car alarm supports remote FW upgrades.

Tekniske specifikationer

Power supply 12/24 V DC (8 - 32V)
Idle current consumption max. 20 mA
Peak consumption (during communication) 1 A
Working band of the GSM module E-GSM / GPRS 850/900/1800/1900MHz
Output power of the transmitter 2 W for GSM850/900, 1 W for GSM1800/1900
Operating frequency 868.1MHz
Operating temperature range -20 °C to +70 °C
SIR output switching the supply voltage, max. load 1.3 A
Immobilization circuit 8 A permanently, up to 12 A in the short term

Lignende produkter

JA-185P Trådløs 360° PIR detektor

JA-185P er en lille trådløs PIR detektor, som er meget velegnet til mindre rum, overvågning af biler (indendørs). Den er designet til loftmontage. Den bruger digital signalbehandling for at undgå falske alarmer.

JA-150ST Trådløs optisk røg og termodetektor

JA-150ST kombinere røg og varme til at detektere en opstået brand. Den har disse indstillinger: røg og varme, kun røg, kun varme. Den har en alarm hukommelsesfunktion, hvor LED stadig lyser efter en alarm.

JA-151ST Trådløs kombineret røg og varme detektor med indbygget sirene

JA-151ST er en unik trådløs brand-detektor testet og godkendt i henhold til EN 14604, EN 54-5, EN 54-7 og EN 54-25 standarder.

JA-151ST-A Trådløs kombineret røg- og varmedetektor med indbygget sirene

Bruges til at registrere en brandrisiko inde i boliger eller kommercielle bygninger. Den består af en sirene, der indikerer en brandalarm, både fra selve detektoren og fra en anden branddetektor i systemet.

MCB-03 Innovated CAN bus converter

This product replaces the older MCB-02 module. It supports reading data from CAN buses, newly also FD CAN and LIN bus. The module converts digital information to analogue form, in order to connect to the inputs of the CA-2103, CA-345 and other car alarms. It switches information on vehicle locked/unlocked status, ignition status, door open and close, hood open and close, etc.

MCO-04 Car alarms output module

The product is an extension module for CA-2103 and CA-345 series car alarms for controlling appliances in the vehicle - independent heating, power supply for additional detectors, control of optical signalling and other functions.