JA-80P wireless PIR motion detector

JA-80P has a PIR sensor which covers up to 112m² of floor ( optional pet-immune lens). It uses digital signal processing to avoid false alarms. It also has an input to connect a door sensor.

wireless PIR motion detector

JA-80P wireless PIR motion detector

Can be enrolled to the control panel, to UC and AC receivers (to trigger relays) and to the JA-80L indoor siren (to indicate movement by making a sound) The JA-80P is designed to detect human body movement inside buildings. The detection pattern can be modified by optional lenses. Detector immunity has two selectable levels. The battery-powered detector communicates via OASIS radio protocol.


Voltage:Lithium battery
LS(T)14500 (3.6V AA / 2.4Ah)
Typical battery lifetime: approx. 3 years
(5 min. sleep mode)
Communication band: 868 MHz, Oasis protocol
Communication range: approx. 300m -( open area)
Recommended installation height: 2.0 to 2.5 m above floor level
Detection angle/detection range: 120° / 12 m (with basic lens)
Operational environment according to EN 50131-1 II. internal space
Operational temperature range -10 to +40 °C
Dimensions 110 x 60 x 55 mm
EN 50131-1,CLC/TS 50131-2-2, EN 50131-5-3 classification: grade 2
Complies with ETSI EN 300220, EN 50130-4,EN 55022, EN 60950-1
Can be operated according to ERC REC 70-03