TH-80 Wired thermostatic head - NC version

The TH-80 is a thermoelectric actuator designed for closing and opening the valves of heating circuits for floor heating and radiators with the use of the AC-116 control unit. NC version – normally closed (without power the valve is closed)

Wired thermostatic head - NC version

TH-80 Wired thermostatic head - NC version

Tekniska specifikationer

Version normally closed
Voltage 24 V AC/DC, +20%...–10%, 0–60 Hz
Max. inrush current 250 mA during 2 min max.
Operating current 75 mA
Operating power 1.8 W
Closing and opening times approx. 6 min.
Actuator travel 4 mm
Actuating force 100 N ± 5%
Fluid temperature 0 to +100 °C 1)
Storage temperature -25 to +65°C
Ambient temperature 0 to +60°C
Degree/class of protection IP 54 / III
CE conformity according to EN 60730
Housing polyamide
Housing colour grey
Weight 100 g with a 1 m connecting cable
Connecting cable 2 x 0.75 mm2 PVC, grey