UC-242 Receiver

The UC-242 is a 6-channel receiver of signals from TP wireless thermostats or from JA-60 wireless detectors, and can be used to control devices. LEDs on the receiver’s front cover indicate the status.


UC-242 Receiver

Additionally, a power relay is used for a pump control (the relay is on if any output is triggered). When used with wireless thermostats, it can efficiently control multi-zone heating and cooling systems. JA-60M wireless detectors can also be used to control the UC-242’s output relays remotely from any switching device (switch, micro switch sensor etc.). This can be convenient for automation or control tasks. The receiver can also receive signals from JA-60S wireless smoke sensors and JA-60G gas leak sensors.

Tekniska specifikationer

Power supply 24 V AC
Stand by consumption 0.05 A
Max. supply current 2 A
Internal current protection fuse F 3.15 A
Max. output load max. 2 A per one output and 2 A totally for all 1-12 outputs
Receiver radio frequency 433.9 MHz, ISM EN 300220
Working distance max.100 m in an open area
Dimensions 165 x 125 x 75 mm (w/o antenna)
EMC EN 300683
Working environment IP20 EN 60529
Humidity max. 85 %
Working temperature) -10 to +40 oC

Liknande produkter

AN-81 external antenna

This antenna is designed for Jablotron wireless products, which use a frequency of 868 MHz and are equipped with a connector only for AN-8x antennas.

AN-868-2PIN extern antenn

AN-868 och AN-868-2PIN externa antenner är avsedda för att utöka kommunikationsavståndet för de trådlösa enheterna till Jablotrons säkerhetssystem genom att använda en frekvens på 868 MHz.

CM-2.1-6 Thin central locking motor - 2 wire (directed)

CM-2.1-6 – 2 wire (directed) actuator with 6 kg actuator arm. An assortment of mechanical components for easy installation of the actuators to the doors is also provided.

SA-105 Piezoelectric siren

A powerful piezoelectric siren for use inside a car to create an uncomfortable sound barrier and can also be placed in the sub-hood area. During installation, avoid placing the siren in a place where it could be in contact with water spray.

SA214-18 Rechargeable battery

Pb rechargeable battery (12 V / 18 Ah)

SA214-7 Rechargeable battery

Pb rechargeable battery (12 V / 7 Ah)

TH-80 Wired thermostatic head - NC version

The TH-80 is a thermoelectric actuator designed for closing and opening the valves of heating circuits for floor heating and radiators with the use of the AC-116 control unit. NC version – normally closed (without power the valve is closed)

TH-81 Termoelektriskt manöverdon – NO-versionen

TH-81 är ett termoelektriskt manöverdon för stängning och öppning av ventiler i värmekretsar för golvvärme och värmeelement med användning av kontrollenheten AC-116. NO-versionen – normalt öppen (ventilen är öppen om ingen strömkälla är inkopplad till manöverdonet).