SA206-1.3 Power Supplies

Maintenance-free rechargeable lead-calcium batteries with 12V voltage. They have a long lifetime and they do not need any other care other than charging.

Power Supplies

SA206-1.3 Power Supplies


Type of rechargable battery SA-206 / 1.3
Voltage(V) 6 V
capacity (Ah) 1,3
dimensions (mm) 97×25×52
height including connectors (mm) 57
accumulator design
connectors násuvný konektor
šíře 4,75 mm
weight(kg) 0,31
maximum continuous current (A) 0,36
maximum discharge current 5s (A) 48
continuous charging voltage (V) 7,20 - 7,50
cyclic charging voltage (V) 6,75 - 6,90