SA-204 Magnetic detectors

Surface metallic contact for industrial applications and also metallic doors, wires in armoured tube, Size: 49x17x9 mm, Working distance max. 40mm

Magnetic detectors

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JS-20 LARGO - PIR detector

This P.I.R. motion detector is for interior protection. It detects object movement having a human body temperature. The JS-20 distinguishes itself with excellent RF immunity.

JS-22 Dual-zone PIR motion wired detector

The JS-22 wired detector is intended to detect human body movement in buildings. Using two sensors ensures better immunity against triggering by moving pets.

GS-133 Gas Detector - 12 V DC

The GS-130 detector is used to indicate leaking of combustible gases (natural gas, methan, propane, butane, hydrogene).The detector detects two levels of gas concentration - different output reactions.

GS-208-CO Kabelansluten modul för anslutning av Ei208W(D) CO detektorn

GS-208-CO är en plugin modul avsedd för direkt integrering i Ei208W eller Ei208DW fristående CO detektorn som kommer att möjliggöra d kabelanslutning till ett larm- eller annat säkerhetssystem.

JS-25 COMBO - PIR & glass break detector

The JS-25 COMBO is a two-in-one detector. Combines 2 sensors (P.I.R.& glass break) in one housing with excellent RF immunity. It provides three independent outputs (P.I.R. alarm, glass break alarm and tamper).

SA-200-A Magnetic detector (NC)

Magnetic door contact (NC).

SA-201-A Magnetic detector miniature type (NC)

Magnetic door contact (NC) - miniature type.

SA-203 Magnetic detectors

Magnetic mini self-adhesive contact with wire, size: 33 x 8 x 9 mm