HF-03 Hands-free set

The HF-03 hands-free set is designed as an optional device for the Athos CA-120x car alarm or the GD-06 GSM communicator.

Hands-free set

HF-03 Hands-free set

Using the HF-03 you can answer incoming phone calls. It is also possible to call up to four phone numbers. When there is an alarm it is possible to activate listening-in mode or to communicate with anyone near the HF-03 (please see the manual for the GD-06 or the CA-120X for details). If used with the CA-120X the HF-03 should be installed in the interior of the car. The hands-free is only activated if there is a phone call (The HF-03’s power supply is controlled by the car alarm). If there is no communication, the HF-03 is switched off.

Tekniska specifikationer

Power supply voltage 2 V DC ± 25%
Current consumption max. 1 A
Working temperature -20 °C to +70 °C

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