TD-110 Phone Dialer

The TD-110 is an auto-dialler that plays a prerecorded voice message to 4 telephone numbers. It can also send a numeric message to your pager.

Phone Dialer

TD-110 Phone Dialer

The dialer can be triggered manually or by another device connected to the TD-110 input. The dialer can automatically call for help or report different events. Its installation and programming is extremely easy compared to traditional dialers.

Specyfikacja techniczna

Operating Voltage 10 - 14 VDC (adapter D01-12)
Consumption Stand By max. 15 mA, Dialing max. 100 mA
Triggering Connecting Or Disconnecting of IN1 With GND, Or Pressing Fce key
Telephone Line Electrically Separated, Built In Over Voltage Protection
Dialing Method Pulse or Tone (Factory Default = Tone)
Tel. Num. memories 4× 16 Digits for Voice Message Sending
1× 26 Digits for Pager Numeric Message Sending
Voice Mess. Duration Max. 20sec., Record Is Repeated for 40sec. During Sending
Number of Calls When Triggered, Each Programmed Number Is Called 3 times
For Indoor Use Only, Working Temperature From -10 to +40°C.
Complies With TBR-21 Standard.