AWZ-200 - Backup power source

Backup power source ZBP 13.8V / 2A
- Backup power source

AWZ-200 - Backup power source


Input power230 V AC / 50 Hz
Output power13.3 - 13.8 V DC
Transformer power40 VA
Maximum permanent current2A (with rechargable battery)
Maximum output current3A (pek, with rechargable battery)
Short circuit protectionelectronic
Current protection (overload)electronic
Surge guardvaristors
Transformer current consumption at nominal load0.32 A
Capacity of rechargable battery7 Ah / 12 V
Dimensions 205 x 235 x 95 mm
Weight without rechargable battery2.9 kg

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BP12-18 serves for power powering of device which need 12V DC. The PLV-CP-L box is recommended for back-up batteries with capacities of 7 Ah - 18 Ah (a capacity of up to 26 Ah can be used with an external box).