AWZ-300 Backup power source

Backup power source ZBP 13.8V / 3A

Backup power source

Tekniske spesifiseringer

Input power 230 V AC / 50 Hz
Output power 13.3 - 13.8 V DC
Transformer power 80 VA
Maximum permanent current 3A (with rechargable battery)
Maximum output current 5A (peak, with rechargable battery)
Short circuit protection electronic
Current protection (overload) electronic
Surge guard varistors
Transformer current consumption at nominal load 0,38 A
Capacity of rechargable battery 17 Ah / 12 V
Dimensions 237 x 307 x 95 mm
Weight without rechargable battery 3.8 kg

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BP12-18 Universal back-up power supply

BP12-18 serves for power powering of device which need 12V DC. The PLV-CP-L box is recommended for back-up batteries with capacities of 7 Ah - 18 Ah (a capacity of up to 26 Ah can be used with an external box).


Backup power source ZBP 13.8V / 1A


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