JA-80T - USB computer interface cable

Connects a control panel to a computer. Intended for installers or users to configure the system via OLink Software. Connects to the control panel bus and PC USB port. Works with JA-8x and JA-6x systems.

- USB computer interface cable

JA-80T - USB computer interface cable

Method: Connect the control panel’s external digital bus connector to the JA-80T interface input using a cable with suitable RJ connectors. Then plug the JA-80T’s USB plug into a free USB port on your PC. The correct drivers must be installed in to the computer to use the JA-80T. Once installed you can start using OLink software - using this software the user/installer can easily program, operate, and test the system, read the latest events and much more.

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JA-80BT Bluetooth adapter

Connects a control panel to a computer via Bluetooth. The JA-80BT is for installers or users to configure the system via OLink Software. It works with JA-8x and JA-6x systems and plugs into the system bus.

JA-82T - USB computer interface cable

This new bus-powered interface between PCs and Oasis control panels offers driverless installation due to complying with the HID standard.

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