JA-80IR Infra-red barrier

The JA-80IR is designed to detect the interruption of infra-red beams by intruders walking between IR transmitters and receivers. The unit comprises an Optex sensor and a Jablotron transmitter and is powered by 4 lithium batteries.

JA-82ST wireless combined smoke and heat detector

The JA-82ST is used to detect fire hazards in the interior of residential or commercial buildings. It is not designed to be installed in industrial premises. The JA-82ST detector uses wireless communication.

JA-83MB The compact door detector

The JA-83M offers a conveniently small size (main unit: 75 x 31 x 23 mm) and the great door detector features that custumers have come to expect from Jabloton, including a 3-year battery lifetime.

JA-83P-PACK PIR motion detector kit

A kit of four JA-83P PIR motion detectors with 112 m2 floor area coverage, high-reliability digital analyses, ideal for no-door-detector-input applications.

JA-85ST Draadloze gecombineerde rook- en warmtedetector

Dit product is een draadloze component van het systeem OASIS van firma JABLOTRON ALARMS. Dit product dient voor de detectie van brandgevaar binnen in woningen en commerciële ruimtes.

JA-87P dual zone outdoor wireless motion detector - curtain

The JA-87P is designed to indicate disturbances outside the building caused by human bodies. It is a dual zone outdoor detector by Optex with a 5° angular width detection zone which makes it very suitable for guarding narrow spaces.

JA-88P dual zone outdoor wireless PIR detector

The JA-88P is a dual zone outdoor wireless motion Oasis detector and has an Optex sensor and transmitter. Communication range is 300m, detection range 12m. 2 tamper sensors, front and back.

LD-81 The flood detector

The detector indicates room water floods (e.g. cellars, bathrooms). This information is sent to an alarm system for alert message transmission. It is connectible to an Oasis alarm system via a JA-81M wireless detector.