RC-88 wall button

The RC-88 can trigger a panic alarm or operate a control panel, wireless door bell or control appliances. Programmable buttons. Enrollable to control panels, AC/UC receivers (relays) and JA-80L siren(bell function)

RC-89 Wireless doorbell button

The RC-89 doorbell (or panic) button works as a wireless doorbell button together with a JA-80 siren. Can be enrolled to the control panel as a panic button or to AC and UC receivers to operate relays.

RC-85 remote control (car accessory)

An in-car RC-85 remote control module allows you to operate an alarm or to control equipment (garage doors, lights, door bell). It can report an alarm from a car alarm. Powered by the car 12V DC.

WJ-80 interface

The WJ-80 interface connects the JA-80H/JA-80N outdoor keypad to the control panel by bus. Provides door lock relay output and door opening input. Doorbell button enrollable to JA-80L internal siren (JA-80H only)

JA-80H. outdoor keypad

The JA-80H keypad has an access card reader, a door bell button and illuminated keys. Controls door access and also operates the control panel. Cabled to a CP via a WJ-80 interface.

JA-80N. outdoor RFID reader

The JA-80N is an access card reader for door access control. Cabled to a CP via a WJ-80 interface.

PC-01 access cards

The PC-01 access card is a proximity card (RFID EM UNIQUE 125kHz). Up to 50 cards can be used in the Oasis system and 120 cards in the AS-80 access system.

RC-87 wireless wrist button

The RC-87 is for Jablotron’s Oasis 80 system and allows users to trigger panic alarms or to control appliances remotely. It is especially designed for personal calls for help.