AC-82 wireless relay output module

The AC-82 has 2 wirelessly controlled relays . The AC-82 is mains-powered (230V AC). Each relay can enroll remotes, thermostats, CP programmable outputs (PG), and wireless detectors.

AC-88 Smart Wireless Socket

The AC-88 is a wirelessly controllable intelligent socket. It can enable the remote switching of mains appliances (230V/50Hz/16A), boilers, electrical heaters, lighting, ventilation etc.

ACM-OS360 Additional piezo siren

Additional piezo siren for the OS-360/360A siren

CT-01 Shutter-movement detector

The CT-01 is wired detector for detecting the unauthorised movement of external window shutters on houses or buildings.

GC-61 The GSM communicator

The GC-61 communicator is designed for communication with an alarm receiving centre via a GSM network. The communicator receives data from a control panel via a simulated telephone line.

JA-68 universal output module

The JA-68 universal output module is for Jablotron systems like the JA-80 OASiS, JA-63 Profi and JA-65 Maestro. It has 8 factory-preprogrammed semiconductor outputs and a switch-over relay output.

JA-80A wireless outdoor siren

The JA-80A is a wire-free siren in a solid housing. It also serves as an external tamper detector. Its lithium battery lasts up to 3 years (depending on the mode).

JA-80H. outdoor keypad

The JA-80H keypad has an access card reader, a door bell button and illuminated keys. Controls door access and also operates the control panel. Cabled to a CP via a WJ-80 interface.