JA-81M wireless magnetic door detector & universal transmitter

The JA-81M is designed to detect the opening of doors, windows etc. It can also be extended by a normally closed / normally open sensor connected to its wired input.

wireless magnetic door detector & universal transmitter

JA-81M wireless magnetic door detector & universal transmitter

It is also designed to detect the mishandling of roller blinds. This is achieved by being wired to a device detecting ratchet-wheel movements. Small movements are filtered out so that random wind blasts do not cause false alarms. The battery-powered detector communicates via OASIS radio protocol.


Voltage Lithium battery type LS(T)14500 (3.6V AA)
Typical battery lifetime approx. 3 years for 20 daily activations maximum
Communication band 868 MHz, Oasis protocol
Communication range approx. 300m (open area)
Typical sensitivity range of the built-in magnetic sensor 45 / 25mm
Inputs for external sensors IN2 and TMP = normally closed loops
IN1 normally closed or balanced loop (1k resistor)
The maximum length of the cable for external detectors 3 meters
Dimensions 110 x 31 x 26 mm
magnet: 56 x 16 x 15 mm
Operational environment according to EN 50131-1 II. Indoor general
Operational temperature range -10 to +40 °C
EN 50131-1,CLC/TS 50131-2-6, EN 50131-5-3 classification: grade 2
Complies with ETSI EN 300220, EN50130-4, EN55022, and EN 60950-1
Can be operated according to ERC REC 70-03

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