CA-1802 "Athos" GSM car alarm

The CA-1802 "ATHOS" GSM car alarm provides car protection, immobilization and alarm reporting via GSM. Controllable via a Jablotron key-fob controller supplied in the package or via an original remote control.

"Athos" GSM car alarm

CA-1802 "Athos" GSM car alarm

Multiple detectors can be enrolled to the alarm in order to protect the car inside or outside space.

The CA-1802 "ATHOS" GSM car alarm provides car protection, immobilization and alarm reporting via GSM.

   The car alarm can be controlled remotely either via the key-fob controller supplied in the package or via an original remote control. You also can operate the alarm remotely from authorized mobile phones via SMS instructions or simply by dialling-in.

   The car alarm responds to door opening, turning the ignition key on, boot or bonnet releases or to voltage drops caused by car appliances being switched on. Wireless detectors can be connected to provide protection of both the car interior and exterior (garage, caravan, etc.). The delay mode feature allows you convenient operation when accessing your garage. After an alarm has been triggered, a siren will be activated and SMS reports will be sent to pre-programmed phone numbers. SMS alarm reports contain detailed information about possible intrusion source, type, date and time. You can pre-program report parts according your wishes as in the following example: Mercedes reports: Alarm, boot, intrusion, Time 02:27:50, 10.11.2007.

   You can immobilize the car via an SMS instruction, this way preventing the car from being used after your keys have been stolen. It is possible to attach a hands-free set of type HF-03. Using this you are able to call to up to 4 pre-programmed phone numbers via the car alarm, or to receive calls from an arbitrary number, or to remotely listen-in to the car after an alarm has been triggered. You can interrogate about the current car status (locked/unlocked, ignition on/off, ...) via SMS instructions. If a pre-paid SIM card is used, the car alarm is capable of checking the credit balance automatically. By monitoring the voltage supply, the CA-1802 responds to any power supply faults by informing you via SMS and, in particular, by switching to the BB-02 back-up battery as a power supply. Except for the acoustic siren, the BB-02 backs-up all the functions of the car alarm. This also includes voice communication if an HF-03 handsfree set is attached.

   The car alarm provides many optional features which can be programmed via SMS instructions or via the GSMLink web site which provides password protected Internet access.

The CA-1802 "ATHOS" GSM car alarm - price-reduced kits.

The CA-1802 Athos product range has now been extended by two new kits:

CA-1802 WRC - The kit is designed for cars with an original remote control for central locking (mode 2) or for cars with an installed car alarm where it will work as a GSM pager (mode 3). The RC-82 keyfobs are not supplied with the package. This allows the kit to be provided at a very favourable price.

CA-1802.550 - The kit contains all the parts of the standard CA-1802 Athos package. In addition, a CA-550 digital tilt-detector is supplied providing efficient protection of the car or its wheels from being stolen. Purchasing the kit allows you to pay less than if the products had been bought separately.

Specifiche tecniche

Power supply 12-24V DC (8-32V)
Stand-by consumption max. 20 mA
Max. consumption (during GSM communication) 1 A
GSM band E-GSM / GPRS 900/1800MHz
Transmitter power 2 W for GSM900, 1 W for GSM1800
Frequency 868.5MHz
Operational temperature -20°C to +70°C
Output SIR +12V (24V), max. load 1.3A
Immobilization 8A permanently, 12A intermittently
Central locking outputs max. 200mA, to GND pulses 0.3s, 4s or 60s (optional)
Complies with ECE Regulation No. 97.00,10
Safety EN 60950
EMC EN 55022, EN 50130-4
Radio interference ETSI EN 301419-1, EN 301511, ETSI EN 300220
Can be operated according to ERC/DEC98(20,21)

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