JA-80Z Wireless Repeater Unit

The JA-80Z signal repeater can extend the range of remote devices whose signal is not strong enough to communicate with the control panel or whose communication is unreliable. .

Wireless Repeater Unit

JA-80Z Wireless Repeater Unit

The repeater function lies in the retransmission of a signal received from an enrolled device with a little delay. The delay ensures that a possible conflict between the repeater transmission and the transmitting device is avoided. Each device enrolled to the repeater must concurrently be enrolled to the control panel

  • The repeater has 40 addresses for devices and one address for an OASiS control panel
  • It copies the state of the PGX, PGY, IW and EW outputs of an OASiS control panel.
  • The addresses are filled by sequential enrollment. The enrolled devices can only be deleted by resetting the repeater.
  • Uses an LED and beeper (if connected – just for installing and testing purposes) to indicate the strength of the signal received from enrolled devices.
  • Compatible with all OASiS detectors and remote controls with the exception of the JA-84P.
  • It does not support transmissions for JA-8xF keypads, JA-80A sirens and other JA-80Z repeaters.
  • Enables a hard-wired detector connection to the INP terminal.

A double-balanced INP input with a selectable natural reaction (default: delayed loop) is available for the connection of one hard-wire detector. Activation of this input is transmitted to the control panel as a signal from a device to which the repeater has been enrolled in the control panel. The reaction of this loop can be configured in the control panel.

The repeater front cover is protected with a built-in tamper sensor and the box must be protected against being torn off the wall with a tamper device delivered with the package.

The repeater must be equipped with a backup battery (e.g. SA-214/1,3) which ensures its operation when there is a power supply failure



Power source 230 V / 50 Hz, max 0.1 A, protection class II
Power supply type A (EN 50131-6)
Backup battery 12 V, 2.2 Ah
Backup power output maximum continuous load 0.7 A
Number of wireless device addresses 40
Hard-wired inputs 1x double balanced input (one input reserved for the rear tamper contact)
EW external warning output switching to GND, max. 0.5A
IW internal warning output switching to GND, max. 0.5A
PGX, PGY outputs max. 0.1 A, switching to GND
Frequency (JA-82R) 868 MHz
Security grade 2 (according to EN50131-1, EN 50131-6 and EN 50131-5-3)
Environmental class II. indoor-general (-10 to +40°C) compliant with EN 50131-1
Radio emissions ETSI EN 300220
EMC EN 50130-4, EN 55022
Safety EN 60950-1
Can be operated according to ERC REC 70-03

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