CR-11A Output extention module for car alarms

The CR-11 is an extending output module which provides additional functions for Jablotron car alarms CA-10, CA-320 and CA-180x.

Output extention module for car alarms

CR-11A Output extention module for car alarms

The module can be used for central-locking control, immobilization, an additional siren, a wireless pager, powered window remote control, etc. It has two built-in relays, each with a 15 Amp switch-over contact. The functions of the relays are selectable by the DIP switches inside each CR-11. The module receives data from the car alarm via a single wire (digital communication). Up to four CR-11 units can be connected to each of the above Jablotron car alarms. etc. The older CR-11 module can be combined with the CR-11A.

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Voltage 12V DC (10-16V DC)
Stand by consumption 5 mA
Max consumption 300 mA (both relays on)
Relay output contacts (each) permanently 15 A
max 20 A (30 seconds)
Working temperature -40 to +85 °C
The CR-11 complies with IEC 839-10-1 and UN ECE No. 97