JA-80BT Bluetooth adapter

Connects a control panel to a computer via Bluetooth. The JA-80BT is for installers or users to configure the system via OLink Software. It works with JA-8x and JA-6x systems and plugs into the system bus.

Bluetooth adapter

JA-80BT Bluetooth adapter

The JA-80BT Bluetooth adapter (interface) allows you to establish a wireless connection between systems of the JA-8x series or the JA-6x series and PCs equipped with Bluetooth connectivity. You can connect the adapter to the control panel’s digital bus connector via an RJ cable supplied with the package. The computer is assumed to have all the hardware/software installed necessary for Bluetooth communication.


Connector RJ-4
Power supply from the digital bus
Consumption (standby/max.) 6 mA / 25 mA
Control panel connection cable length 1 metre
Built-in decoder data conversion of JA-8x/6x to Bluetooth
Compatibility ComLink version 60 and higher

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