AC-82 wireless relay output module

The AC-82 has 2 wirelessly controlled relays . The AC-82 is mains-powered (230V AC). Each relay can enroll remotes, thermostats, CP programmable outputs (PG), and wireless detectors.

AC-83 wireless relay output module

The mains-powered AC-83 provides 3 relays which can be controlled by radio signals . The device is suitable for heating control via signals received from wireless thermostats of the TP-8x series.

TP-82N wireless indoor thermostat

The TP-82N is a wireless indoor thermostat. It serves for the measuring and regulation of temperature.The TP-82N is an updated version of the TP-82 thermostat.

TP-83N Wireless programmable indoor thermostat

The TP-83N is a wireless programmable indoor thermostat with a weekly heating schedule. It can regulate the economical or comfort temperature inside residential buildings.The TP-83N is an updated version of the TP-83 thermostat.

TS-80 Floor sensor

Floor thermosensor for the TP-89 thermostat

UC-82 wireless relay output module

The UC-82 has 2 wirelessly controlable relays and runs off 12VDC. Each relay can enroll RC controllers, programmable control panel outputs (PG), wireless detectors and a JA-80H doorbell button.