GC-61 The GSM communicator

The GC-61 communicator is designed for communication with an alarm receiving centre via a GSM network. The communicator receives data from a control panel via a simulated telephone line.

JA-80Q photo transmission module

The JA-80Q is for Oasis systems to transmit photographs between a JA-84P wireless PIR-camera detector and an Oasis control panel. Installed in the control panel housing.

JA-80X voice communicator

Installed in a control panel, it allows alarm voice-reporting, ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) communication and remote access via a telephone keypad. Tone dialling only.

JA-80Z Wireless Repeater Unit

The JA-80Z signal repeater can extend the range of remote devices whose signal is not strong enough to communicate with the control panel or whose communication is unreliable. .

JA-82C module for 10 wired inputs

JA-82C module for 10 wired inputs, which expands the control panel wired input capacity

JA-82R radio module

The JA-82R is radio module. Up to 50 wireless JA-8x peripherals can be enrolled to the control panel, when this module is used.

JA-82Y GSM Communicator

A GSM communicator module which allows remote access via GSM and the Internet. Reports events to mobiles (SMS and voice messages) and monitoring stations. It has a built-in module for receiving pictures from the JA-84P camera PIR detector .

SP-02 voice intercom

The SP-02 half-duplex speaker phone can talk to and listen-in to monitored premises.Also used for hot-key emergency calls and connected to a communicator with a simulated phone line or to an analogue phone line.