CU-07A TRACER unit

The CU-07A unit is a device which uses a GPS receiver to detect the position of a car, a motorcycle or cargo.


CU-07A TRACER unit

The position can be ascertained any time via a single SMS command or it can be sent during the journey via the GSM network to the mass storage server of the web application where data are managed for online monitoring and the trace log. Simply said, the unit can be used both for passive locating when it only answers a single command, and for the continuous transmission of real-time data to a data-collection server. If the attempt to send the data fails, the unit saves it in its internal memory and sends it later.


Power supply voltage8 - 30 V
Maximum current consumption500 mA /12 V
Nominal current in on-line mode50 mA /12 V
Standby current consumption14 mA /12 V
Dimensions without the terminals and mounts
L x W x H
160 x 42x 19 mm
Unit weight90 g
Operating temperature range-20 to +80 ℃


Intended for connection to a +12 V or +24 V DC vehicle power supply. The unit is intended for operation in road vehicles.

This product is identical to the type approved by the Ministry of Transportation of the Czech Republic under the number E8 10R-04 6950.

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