AC-88 Smart Wireless Socket

The AC-88 is a wirelessly controllable intelligent socket. It can enable the remote switching of mains appliances (230V/50Hz/16A), boilers, electrical heaters, lighting, ventilation etc.

Smart Wireless Socket

AC-88 Smart Wireless Socket

The internal mains relay can be controlled by the unit's own button, RC-8x series Oasis remote controls, JA-8x series Oasis detectors, TP-8x series wireless thermostats, and the wireless PG output signals from JA-8xK series Oasis control panels, GD-04 David units, and EYE-02 security cameras (8 wireless control channels).

The unit can toggle its output, or switch on for a given time (1 minute to 24 hours). The AC-88 also has a built in transmitter, which means that a chain of slave AC-88s or other OASiS system devices (AC-82, UC-82, GD-04R wireless relays or JA-8xK control panels with JA-82R radio modules) can be formed so that the status of the master AC-88 can be copied by all the other enrolled devices.

Specifications - AC-88

Power supply 230V/50Hz, safety class II
Power consumption approx 1W
Communication frequency 868 MHz, OASiS protocol
Relay contact resistive load (cosφ=1) max.16A / 250V AC
Relay contact inductive (capacitive) load (cosφ=0.,4) max. 8A / 250V AC
Maximum number of enrolled devices 8
Minimum transmitter distance 1m
Environment II. indoor general (–10 to +40°C)
Class of protection IP40 according to EN 60529
Mechanical resistance IK08 according to EN 6626
Dimensions 64 x 91 x 45mm
Conditions for operation ERC REC 70-03

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