GT-432 Complementary sensor

This microwave detector can be used to secure the inner space of a car. It creates an imaginary "bubble" with a constant and specific shape. Its size can be adjusted.

Complementary sensor

GT-432 Complementary sensor

If there is any movement in this bubble, an alarm is triggered. If the car alarm is equipped with an alarm input, which can be set as a warning input (e.g. CA-320 Akcent, CA-02 Fox), than the detector can be set so that he reacts to movement close to the car with only an audible warning. This type of sensor can be used with open cars - e.g. convertibles


power 9 - 15V (DC)
consumption (active state) < 5.5 mA
working temperature -40 °C to +85 °C
frequency 2.45GHz
working radius min. 20/30cm, max. 1.4/1.5m

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