JA-163A RB Wireless outdoor battery powered siren

The JA-163A RB siren is a component of the JABLOTRON 100+ system. It is used to indicate alarms outdoors and for supplementary acoustic indication. The siren is powered by a lithium battery, completely without the need of any external power supply.

Wireless outdoor battery powered siren

JA-163A RB Wireless outdoor battery powered siren

The siren consists of a JA-163A-BASE-RB base with the electronic components, a BAT-100A lithium battery and a top enclosure of the JA-1X1A-C-xx series. The enclosures are supplied in several colour designs. It occupies one position in the system.

The components of the JA-163A RB product (base, top enclosure and battery) are supplied separately. The reason is free selection from a number of top enclosures and the transport conditions of the battery.

JA-163A-BASE-RB – bottom part with electronics
JA-1X1A-C-ST – stainless steel cover   JA-1X1A-C-ST-B – stainless steel cover
JA-1X1A-C-WH – plastic cover – white   JA-1X1A-C-WH-B – plastic cover – white
JA-1X1A-C-GR – plastic cover – gray   JA-1X1A-C-GR-B – plastic cover – gray

Technical specifications

Power Lithium battery 3.6 V/13 Ah type BAT-100A, BAT-100A.01
(up to 2 batteries can be used)
Please note: battery is not included
Current consumption (nominal/maximal) 0.3/1000mA
Battery low voltage ≤ 2.8 V
Typical battery lifetime approx. 5 years (for basic settings)
Communication frequency 868.1 MHz, JABLOTRON protocol
Communication range approx. 300 m (open area)
Antenna internal, external can be used, type AN-868
Activation lost integrity acoustic tamper alarm (110 min)
Piezo electric siren 100 dB/m
Dimensions (cover included) 200 x 300 x 70 mm
Weight 434 g
Classification security grade 2/environmental class IV
- according to EN 50131-1, EN 50131-4, EN 50131-5-3
- environment general outdoor
- operational temperature range -20 to +60°C
- power supply type W
- operational humidity 75% (95% 30 days) RH, non-condensing
- certification body Trezor Test s.r.o. (no. 3025)
Security grade IP44
Also complies with ETSI EN 300 220, EN 50130-4, EN 55022, EN 60950-1
Can be operated to ERC REC 70-03

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