SA214-2.6 Rechargeable battery

Pb rechargeable battery 12 V/2.6 Ah.

Rechargeable battery

Technical specifications

Voltage 12 V
capacity 2.6 Ah
dimensions 178 × 35 × 60 mm
height including connectors 66 mm
connectors slip connector
width 4.75 mm
weight 0.91 kg
For JABLOTRON produkty
  • JA-101K
  • JA-101KR
  • JA-101KR-LAN
  • JA-101KR-LAN 3G
  • JA-103KRY
  • JA-103KY
  • JA-106K
  • JA-106KR
  • JA-106KR 3G
  • JA-107KRY
  • JA-107KY
  • JA-63K
  • JA-65K
  • JA-80K
  • JA-80Z
  • JA-82K
  • JA-83K

 More info can be found in the attached datasheet.

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