TD-110 Phone Dialer

The TD-110 is an auto-dialler that plays a prerecorded voice message to 4 telephone numbers. It can also send a numeric message to your pager.

Phone Dialer

TD-110 Phone Dialer

The dialer can be triggered manually or by another device connected to the TD-110 input. The dialer can automatically call for help or report different events. Its installation and programming is extremely easy compared to traditional dialers.

Technical specifications

operating voltage 10 - 14 V DC (adapter DE01-12)
consumption stand by max. 15 mA, dialing max. 100 mA
triggering connecting or disconnecting of IN1 with GND, or pressing Fce key
remote controls max. 3 of RC-86 (for model TD-110W only)
telephone line electrically separated, built in over voltage protection
dialing method pulse or tone (factory default = tone)
number of cycles the dialer recognizes signals in the line and it calls the same number more times (max. 3x) only if ringing tone is not detected
tel. num. memories 4× 16 digits (Mem1 to Mem4) for voice message sending
1× 26 digits (Mem5) for Pager numeric message sending
voice mess. duration max. 20 sec., record is repeated for 40 sec. during sending
for indoor use only, working temperature from -10 to +40 °C
can be connected to analogue interfaces - EN 301437, ETS EN 300001, TBR 21, EG 201 121 V1.13, AS/ACIF S002 (Australia)