GC-61 GSM communicator

The GC-61 communicator is designed for communication with an alarm receiving centre via a GSM network. The communicator receives data from a control panel via a simulated telephone line.

GSM communicator

GC-61 GSM communicator

Report codes are transmitted from a control panel to the GC-61 in Contact ID format. A SIM card determines the GSM network used.

The GSM module, when installed in the alarm control panel, enables:

  • Data transfer to one or two Alarm Receiving Centres (ARC)
  • Remote control and programming of the communicator via SMS instruction messages from a mobile phone or from Jablotron’s SMS website
  • Programming of the communicator via Jablotron’s website www.GSMlink.cz
  • Phone calls using a telephone set attached to the communicator (via the GSM network)
  • An SMS terminal can be used for the easy and convenient receiving and sending of SMS messages

Technical specifications

Power supply 12V DC
Stand-by consumption 50 mA
Maximum consumption (during communication) 1 A
Operating bands E-GSM / GPRS 900/1800MHz
Output power 2 W for GSM900, 1 W for GSM1800
AUX terminals dry contact, max. 60 V / 100 mA
Environmental classification ( –10 to 40°C) II
EMC ETSI EN 301489-1, ETSI EN 301489-7, EN 55022, EN 5030-4
Emissions ETSI EN 301419-1 and EN 301511
Caller identification (CLIP) ETSI EN 300 089 V3.1.1(2000-12)

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