CA-340CAN Car alarm + MCB-02

Car alarm with acoustic and optical signalization and immobilization. The car alarm supports communication with wireless peripherals such a siren or detectors. Set is delivered with Can-Bus module, without RC-8x controllers.

Car alarm + MCB-02

CA-340CAN Car alarm + MCB-02

  • A built-in shock detector with adjustable sensitivity controlled with a trimmer inside the unit. Its activation can trigger a warning (1s siren chirp), trigger an alarm or do both. If an alarm function is set, the unit uses a filter eliminating accidental shocks (e.g. caused by a heavy vehicle passing by …). The alarm is triggered only when the first shock is followed by another within 15 seconds. If both the siren and the alarm are set, the first shock triggers a short siren chirp and the second shock (within 15 s) triggers the alarm.
  • A voltage drop detector registers sudden voltage drops caused by an appliance which switches on when the alarm is armed (protection against a mechanical breach of the central locking system). The detector is blocked for 20 minutes after arming (allows the radiator cooling fan to wind down). You can also program it to remain switched off permanently if you use independent appliances in the car (heater, refrigerator).
  • The car alarm is equipped with several contact sensors, whose number depends on how the alarm is connected (see below).
  • Up to 8 JA-8x wireless detectors can be enrolled to the car alarm. These can be used to detect motion inside the vehicle or the breaking of windows or to guard the garage in which the vehicle is parked.
  • A programmable output which can trigger the power supply to auxiliary detectors (microwave, tilt) that are activated when the alarm is armed or it can provide a signal for the controlling of a CR-11A (AUX) module.
  • The immobiliser circuit can be used to immobilize the ignition, the fuel pump or the ignition circuit. When the AUTOIMO function is active, the immobiliser is activated automatically if the ignition key is switched off for more than 5 minutes.
  • When an alarm is triggered, a siren is activated for 30s. When the alarm is terminated in a regular way, the siren is switched off immediately.
  • The siren can also be used for the acoustic confirmation of arming and disarming (optional parameter). For other functions, see Acoustic signaling.
  • When you leave your vehicle in a car servicing company for maintenance, the AUTOIMO function and the acoustic signaling can easily be temporarily disabled.
  • Optical signaling of arming, disarming and alarms. The car alarm can control the direction indicators (flashers) in three optional modes.
  • Boot opening. When the alarm is armed, you can use a remote control to open the car boot if its mechanism allows it. (The BLK output function must be set to control the boot)
  • PANIC is a function which allows triggering a siren with a remote control both in an armed and an unarmed state (by pressing both buttons at the same time). It can also help you find your vehicle quickly in a crowded car park.
  • The car alarm is equipped with a Valet button for emergency disarming. The button can also serve for the setting of optional parameters.
  • The information concerning operating status of the alarm is signaled with an LED.
  • The car alarm settings and parameters can be changed easily using the CA-340PRG wireless module connected to a computer.

Technical specifications

Power supply voltage 12/24 V (9 – 32)V DC
Stand-by curent consumption 11 mA
TRX frequency switching range 1 RF channel 868,5 MHz
Transmitter power < 25 mW
Operational temperature range -40 to +85°C
SIR output +12V (24V), max. load 1.5 A
Alarm duration 30 s
Immobilizer circuit current 8 A cont., 12 A intermittent
BLK relay circuit current 8 A cont., 12 A intermittent
PGM output current 25 mA
ULK/LCK output current 200 mA
Enclosure (EN 60529) IP30
Dimensions 118 x 80 x 35 mm
Complies with ECE regulation No. 97.01
Safety EN 60950-1
EMC ISO 7637, ISO 11452, CISPR-12
Radio interference ETSI EN 300 220
Can be operated according to ERC REC 70-03

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